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Facebook Artificial Intelligence equated black men with ‘primates’




Facebook users who watched a Daily Mail video depicting Black men reported seeing a suggestion from Facebook asking if they were interested in watching more videos about “primates.”

The label appeared in bold text under the video, stating “Keep seeing videos about Primates?” next to “Yes” and “Dismiss” buttons that users could click to answer the prompt.

It’s part of an AI-powered Facebook process that attempts to gather information on users’ personal interests in order to deliver relevant content into their News Feed, according to Mashable.

The video in question showed several instances of white men calling the police on Black men and the resulting events, and had nothing to do with primates. Facebook issued an apology, telling the New York Times that it was an “unacceptable error” and that it was looking into ways to prevent this happening in the future.

The label came to Facebook’s attention when Darci Groves, a former Facebook content design manager, posted it to a product feedback forum for current and former Facebook employees and shared it on Twitter. Groves said that a friend came across the label and screenshotted and shared it with her.

The offensive label feels particularly unacceptable considering the extremely expansive database of user-uploaded photos that Facebook has access to, and could presumably use to ensure proper facial recognition by its tools. While AI can always make mistakes, it is the company’s responsibility to properly train its algorithms, and this misstep cannot be blamed on a lack of resources.

In addition to mishandling past racial justice issues within the company, Facebook’s lack of transparent plan to address its AI problem continues to sow distrust. While the apology was needed, the company’s lack of apparent actionable steps beyond disabling the feature and a vague promise to “prevent this from happening again” doesn’t cut it.

The approach is especially lackluster following Facebook’s recent move to cut off researchers’ access to tools and accounts used to explore user data and ad activity on the platform, citing possible violation of a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC has directly disputed that defense.

Combining a vague response with decreased access to facts makes it rather hard to simply trust that Facebook will handle this inappropriate AI gaffe with any kind of immediacy or results. If Facebook is committed to creating and using AI tools in an inclusive manner, it needs to specify exactly how it plans to fix this issue, and it needs to do so soon.

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This is where Cristiano Ronaldo will be staying while at Manchester




Cristiano Ronaldo has reportedly set up home in a multi-million-pound mansion in Manchester where he will be staying following his return to Old Trafford, according to reports in the UK media.

Ronaldo rejoined Man United in the summer from Juventus, nearly 12 years after he left the club for Real Madrid.

SunSport reports the five-time Ballon d’Or winner flew to Manchester aboard a private jet and will be living in a seven-bedroom countryside hideaway which the club rented.

The mansion boasts incredible features including a high-end fitness complex which Ronaldo can utilise to ensure he stays in shape. Photo: The Sun.

According to the UK publication, the property boasts a number of incredible features including a high-tech fitness complex complete with a jacuzzi and pool.

A six-strong security team is believed to be manning the property where Ronaldo is expected to settle in alongside his partner Georgina Rodriguez and kids.

The 36-year-old’s family is said to have joined him in Manchester on Friday, September 3, with Georgina all but confirming the reports on Instagram.

The model posted a series of photos on social media of her and the children travelling in a private jet.

The snaps were captioned with a heart emoji alongside the Manchester location tag.


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All-female Somali commandos return to country after training in Turkey




A Turkish military aircraft carrying the first batch of Somali female police commandos to complete special training in Turkey landed at Aden Adde International Airport in the capital Mogadishu on Wednesday.

Senior government officials, the deputy chief of the Somali police force and Turkish officials welcomed them upon arrival.

“You have received one of the best trainings in the world thanks to our Turkish brothers, and it is time now to serve your country and its people with honor and dignity,” said Osman Abdullahi Mohamed, first deputy police chief of Somalia.

The female officers will join a special forces unit locally known as Harmacad (Cheetah).

Separately, officials received over 100 Gorgor (Eagle) commandos, who also completed their training in Turkey.

The Gorgor and Harmacad elite units are fighting against al-Qaida-affiliated terrorist group al-Shabab.

Turkish officials who spoke at the ceremony said Turkey will continue its support to the Somali government and its people.

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Kenya has 36,000 elephants. You can have one named after you if you can afford $5,000




Would you like to have an elephant in Kenya named after you, or give it any other of your preferred names? If that catches your fancy, Kenya Wildlife Service, together with Magical Kenya, would like you to part with Sh500,000 in exchange for the elephant-naming bragging rights.

According to Tourism and Wildlife cabinet secretary Najib Balala, the country has no choice but to develop innovative ways to conserve the increasing numbers of elephants. The Magical Kenya Tembo Naming Festival, he says, is just one of the many initiatives his ministry is curating to pool funds for conservation.

“Kenya has 36,000 elephants. It is not easy to look after the increasing numbers and also protect the community from human-wildlife conflicts. The event will help market and brand the country as one of the new experiences in the country,” said Balala when he launched the elephant naming festival at KWS headquarters.

The event will be held in Amboseli on October 9 this year. During the launch, cheques totaling Sh4 million were presented from pioneer sponsors, including the Chandaria Foundation, Ol Tukai Lodges, African Wildlife Foundation, and the East Africa Classic Safari Rally.

Betty Radier, KTB chief executive, says the initiative will also assist local communities who have been at the forefront of conserving the country’s biodiversity but have borne the full brunt of the near-collapse of foreign-led tourism model.

According to Philip Muruthi, vice president in charge of species conservation and science at AWF, the status of the elephants in the wild is a key indicator of either success or failure of conservation owing to their wide range.

“If elephants do well, then conservation is working. The converse is also true that if we cannot protect the elephants that are iconic and more visible, there is little chance for other species to thrive,” says Muruthi.

Already Balala says the government has set aside Sh200 million seed money to a conservation trust fund that will, among other things, address the growing human-wildlife conflict that has in the past resulted in the killing of ‘problem animals.’ In 2013, about 400 elephants were poached, a figure that dropped to 11 last year.

The Wildlife Act of 2013 establishes a Wildlife Endowment Fund to manage and restore protected areas such as national parks and conservancies by providing reliable and long-term resources for government-protected areas and conservation initiatives outside the parks.

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