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African business leaders to follow on Instagram




Business Insider has put together a list of five successful African business leaders to follow on Instagram.

These people frequently use their platform to share the best advice, business tips, updates on investment opportunities, or suggestions on raising much-needed funds. Plus, they also give you a sneak peek of what their lifestyle looks like outside of the business norm people know them for.

1) Tony Elumelu

Businessman, coach, and thought leader Tony Elumelu seeks to empower young Africans to achieve their dreams. He’s become one of the most recognised faces in leadership coaching, helping many aspiring entrepreneurs reach their maximum potential. His Instagram has garnered much attention with over 600,000 followers because it’s not only a source for inspiration with motivational quotes and videos, but it also gives you a glimpse at Robbins’s personal life.

2) Strive Masiyiwa

The Econet founder and chief executive sits on the board of multiple international organisations, including Bank of America, Rockefeller Foundation, and Unilever. He’s passionate, disciplined and motivated, and uses Instagram to teach others to be their best selves. With more than 280,000 followers, strive shares motivational quotes, updates on what he’s doing and other catchy images that will get your heart pumping.

3) Ibukun Awosika

Ibukun is an academic, astute businesswoman and powerful motivational speaker. Awosika is the immediate past Chairman of First Bank Plc. She is the former chair of the Board of Trustees of Women in Management and also sits on the board of the Nigerian Sovereign Wealth Fund.

Awosika trains people to be brave, authentic and effective leaders. To her 240,000-plus Instagram followers, she shares some of her favourite things (such as books, scriptures, and idols), motivational quotes and inspirational images that show her balanced and healthy lifestyle.

4) Vusi Thembekwayo

Serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, international speaker and internet personality Vusi Thembekwayo is one of the most inspirational business leaders of our time. As a venture capitalist, he has transformed businesses across the continent through his expertise in leadership and strategy. His direct approach personality pushes his followers to face challenges head-on. With 390,000-plus followers, his Instagram account is full of motivational quotes, videos and lessons to help you launch a business and pursue your passions.

5) Tara Fela Durotoye

A mother of three and a successful beauty entrepreneur, Tara Fela-Durotoye lives a busy life and shares it with her 280,000-plus followers on Instagram. Her bubbly, positive, and healthy lifestyle shines through her Instagram posts with inspiring quotes, pictures of her husband, relaxing scenic images and some of her favourite books.



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Th top 10 safest countries in Africa




Africa is the second-largest continent and second-most-populous continent on Earth. Africa spans over 11.6 million mi² (30 million km²) and has a population of approximately 1.4 billion people. Africa comprises 54 countries fully recognized by the United Nations, two independent states (Western Sahara and Somaliland) with little-to-no recognition, and nearly a dozen small, mostly island territories controlled by FranceSpain, and other non-African countries. Africa is the poorest continent on Earth and includes a number of in-development countries and countries ruled by extremist regimes. All of these factors contribute to the fact that some African countries are much safer to visit than others. Africa has also been slow to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, which impacts the U.S. Department of State’s travel advisory for many African countries.

The Global Peace Index

The Global Peace Index (GPI) is an annual report that measures and ranks the peacefulness of 163 countries to determine the world’s most peaceful countries. The GPI is published annually by the Institute for Economics and Peace, which measures 23 indicators of peace, which are grouped into three categories: Ongoing International and Domestic Conflict, Societal Safety and Security, and Militarization. Example indicators include the number and duration of internal conflicts, relationships with neighboring countries, political instability, the level of violent crimes, and the level of perceived criminality in society. Each indicator’s results are then merged to create a single unified GPI value for each country. The lower the GDI score, the more peaceful—and by extension, the safer—the country is considered to be.

Top 10 Safest Countries in Africa (2022 GDI):

  1. Mauritius — 1.54
  2. Ghana — 1.72
  3. Botswana — 1.75
  4. Sierra Leone — 1.81
  5. Gambia — 1.85
  6. Senegal — 1.86
  7. Tanzania — 1.89
  8. Malawi — 1.91
  9. Equatorial Guinea — 1.92
  10. Namibia — 1.93

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Jailed ex-South African President Zuma allowed to attend brother’s funeral




South Africa’s jailed ex-president Jacob Zuma was granted compassionate leave from prison on Thursday so he can attend his brother’s funeral, the government said.

Zuma, 79, was sentenced to 15 months in prison for contempt of court last month after snubbing graft investigators probing his presidency.

He turned himself in on July 8 at a jail in the eastern town of Estcourt, around an hour’s drive from his rural Nkandla home.

His incarceration sparked riots and looting that escalated into the worst violence since the end of apartheid, killing at least 276 people, according to the official count.

“As a short-term, low-risk classified inmate, Mr Zuma’s application for compassionate leave was processed and approved,” the department of correctional services said in a statement Thursday.

It added that inmates were not required to wear “offender uniform” outside correctional facilities.

The funeral for Zuma’s brother Michael is expected to take place later on Thursday in Nkandla, where Zuma is particularly popular.

Zuma’s brother died aged 77 after a long illness, according to local media.

Inmates in South Africa are usually allowed to attend relatives’ funerals — a right denied to the country’s first black president Nelson Mandela when he was in jail for fighting the apartheid regime.

Zuma’s long-running corruption trial is expected to resume on August 10, despite his request to have the case postponed due to the pandemic and recent unrest.

After nine years in office, the charismatic ex-leader was ousted by the ruling African National Congress (ANC) party in 2018 over a mounting series of graft scandals.

He faces 16 charges of fraud, graft and racketeering, and has entered a not guilty plea.

He retains a fervent support base both within the ANC and among the general public.

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Four Somali nationals killed in South Africa violence




Four Somali nationals were killed and several others injured in South Africa following violent protests against the imprisonment of former President Jacob Zuma hit parts of South Africa. Several Somali-owned shops have been looted in separate areas of KwaZulu-Natal province.

In a statement, Somali foreign ministry expressed its deep concern about the riots and looting of Somali businesses. The government has called on the South African government to exert all its efforts to protect Somali nationals from brutal acts, to ensure the safety of their lives, their shops and the preservation of their rights. Somalia said it is proud of its historical relations with the people of South Africa during their struggle against apartheid and the extent of the multiple political, economic and strategic support it provided over a period.

Protests erupted last week in parts of KwaZulu-Natal, Zuma’s home province, after the ex-leader handed himself over to police to serve a 15-month jail term for contempt of court.

Last Friday, the high court dismissed Zuma’s application to have his arrest overturned in a case that has been seen as a test of the rule of law in the post-apartheid nation.

Zuma’s imprisonment has laid bare deep divisions in the governing African National Congress (ANC), as a party faction remains loyal to the former president and has been a potent source of opposition to his successor, Cyril Ramaphosa.

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